New, orange buses to Jokeri bus route

Jokeri bus route will get new orange buses. The first 37 new
buses will enter into service in August 2013. Orange was chosen as
the color of trunk bus routes because it stands out well. In
addition, the color reflects the aim of high-frequency,
high-quality Metro-like service of the trunk routes. Jokeri is the
first trunk bus route in the Helsinki region. HSL plas to
introduce 12 similar high-frequency bus routes by 2022; five
crosstown routes and seven radial routes.


In addition, in August 2013, an active traffic control system
will be introduced on the Jokeri route to improve the punctuality
of the service. Also, traveling is made faster and smoother by
experimenting open fare collection, i.e. passengers can board the
buses through all doors, provided they have valid tickets or value
on their Travel Cards.  Single tickets can be purchased from the
driver as before.  Later on, ticket machines may be installed by
the front doors.

The changes on the Jokeri route are related to the
competitive tendering on bus services in spring 2012. In addition
to Jokeri, the tendering round covered Helsinki internal routes 16,
17, 18, 18N, 39N, 45 and 55, and regional route 39. In January
2013, 13 low-emissions, EEV compliant buses will enter into service
on these routes. Also the new buses entering into service on the
Jokeri route will be EEV compliant.  

All new buses have air conditioning, ignition interlock
devices, and driving style monitoring units. In addition, the buses
will be equipped with an ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program).
Drivers’ safety will be improved by safety cabins and camera

The price level of the services tendered in this round goes
up by 1.4 percent on average, which means that the annual operating
costs will rise by some EUR 250,000. The cost of bus services has
in the recent years risen faster than the general price level. This
is mainly due to the increased price of fuel.

The cost of Metro and tram services has risen less rapidly
than the general price level. This information is from HSL’s report
on public transport unit costs 2011. The report presents public
transport operating costs, costs by mode of transport, and
performance figures in the HSL area.  Similar reports have been
published for 2009 and 2010.

The services tendered in the spring account for some 5.5
percent of all bus services procured by HSL. The services are
operated with 69 buses, the route kilometers total about 5.2
million per year.  At present, the total volume of bus services
procured by HSL is 1,250 buses (weekday services) and about 93.5
million route kilometers per year.

Tendering round 24/2012, current and new operators

Route              Current operator                    New

 16                    Nobina Finland
Oy                  Tammelundin Liikenne Oy

 17, 18, 18N     Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy      Helsingin
Bussiliikenne Oy   

 39, 39N, 45     Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy      Helsingin
Bussiliikenne Oy 

 55                    Nobina Finland Oy                  
Veolia Transport 

 550                  Nobina Finland
Oy                   Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy 


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