Passengers content with the improved reliability of public transport

The results of HSL’s customer satisfaction survey conducted in
early 2012 show improved performance and reliability of public
transport compared to the previous winter. Satisfaction with the
smoothness of travel increased significantly in particular among
train passengers. This spring 69 percent of passengers were
satisfied with the performance of train services, while last year
the figure was only 17 percent. Commuter trains received higher
scores than last year also for keeping to timetables.


Also bus and tram passenger are clearly more satisfied with
the reliability of public transport compared to the previous
winter, when heavy snow and freezing temperatures caused problems.
The grades given to the tram services for keeping to timetables
have improved year by year: in spring 2012, 57 percent of
passengers were satisfied with the reliability of the services,
while this spring the figure was already 70 percent.

Generally speaking, passengers were fairly satisfied with the
Helsinki region public transport: public transport received an
overall grade of 3.93 on a scale from one to five. The grade is
slightly lower than last year, but still 80 percent of passengers
gave HSL area public transport services a grade of 4 or 5. Metro
passengers were the most satisfied, while commuter train passengers
were the least satisfied. All in all, only 2 percent of passengers
were dissatisfied with public transport.

The quality of the public transport system is measured by
several quality factors. Passengers are asked to evaluate the
availability of seating, how well their travel needs are met, how
smooth traveling and interchanging are, and how safe traveling
is. Tram and bus passengers are also asked to evaluate waiting
conditions at stops and how well the services keep to
timetables. The grade of these factors was no less than 4.12, which
is slightly higher than last year.

Passengers were more content than before with the drivers’
ability to provide advice. Passenger also gave more positive
feedback on the driver’s driving style. The improved results are
partly due to the extensive, systematic driver training organized
by Helsinki City Transport (HKL) and HSL. Also bus operators have
provided their drivers with professional competence training during
the past years.

HSL measures passenger satisfaction with public transport
services year-round using onboard questionnaires. During the spring
2012 survey period in January May, a total of over 25,000
passengers responded to the survey. The survey results are used in
improving HSL’s public transport services, in staff training and
determining quality bonuses paid to bus operators. The survey was
conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy. Survey reports are published in
spring and autumn. 



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