Summer timetable booklets not delivered to households, no printed booklet for Helsinki

This summer, summer timetable booklets for Espoo and Vantaa can
be picked up at service points and libraries in Espoo and Vantaa.
In other words, the booklets will not be delivered to home
addresses. The booklets for Espoo and Vantaa can also be picked up
at the Kamppi terminal on Thursday 7 June and Friday 8 June.

HSL will not print a timetable booklet for Helsinki at all
this summer. Timetables are available online and in the form of
timetable leaflets. Route-specific timetable leaflets are available
on trams and buses as well as at HSL’s service points from 28 May
onwards. Summer timetables come into effect on 18 June.

Winter timetable booklets available in August

The winter timetable booklet for Helsinki will be available in
August. The booklet can be picked up at HSL’s services points or
libraries in Helsinki, but it will not be delivered to home
addresses. The booklets can also be picked up at temporary
distribution points in Itäkeskus and at the Central Railway

Winter timetable booklets for Espoo and Vantaa will be
delivered to home addresses in August as before.

At present, HSL distributes over one million timetable
booklets every year. From an ecological point of view, delivering
the booklet to all households is not the best way to provide
timetable information. In addition, the booklets are quickly out of
date, and the information provided in them is not always reliable
as it is not possible to make amendments to them if there are
changes to the timetables during the timetable season.

Up-to-date information online

Today, the web is the place to get the most up-to-date
information, and an increasing number of passengers search for
information online. Online services are popular because they are
convenient, reliable and always up-to-date. For those passengers,
who do not yet use online services, timetable information is
available via printed timetables and electronic displays at stops,
as well as via timetable leaflets available onboard and at service

HSL will decide on the future of timetable booklet delivery
on the basis of the experiments carried out this year.



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