Trams and metro trains now run on hydropower

In Helsinki, the metro and trams are now powered by electricity
produced by Finnish hydropower. In other words,  rail travel does
not produce carbon emissions. Rail transport is an
environmentally-sustainable mode of transport, and now even more

The choices of HKL, the operator of Helsinki’s tram and metro
services, and the service procurer HSL affect the way the
electricity needed in rail transport is produced as well as how
much energy is consumed on the whole.

HKL and HSL want to highlight the environmental impacts of
rail services and make passengers aware of them. To this end, we
have together opened a website at
providing passenger and other interest parties with an information
package on environmental issues related to rail transport. You may
also spot a tram decorated with water motifs on the streets of

In addition to choosing electricity produced in an
eco-friendly way, energy is saved by training drivers in
energy-efficient driving and by procuring new, energy-efficient
vehicles. For example, energy-efficiency has played a key role in
the planning of the new trams to be introduced in Helsinki. For
example, the large amount of energy generated by braking will be
used for heating the trams in winter, while in summer, spectrally
selective windows reduce the heating effect of the sun and thus,
less energy is needed for cooling. 

A prototype of the new tram will be on display in the HI
Design Exhibition held at the Cable Factory in the summer. The
exhibition is part of the Helsinki 2012 World Design Capital

HSL aims to increase the share of public transport in order
to reduce carbon emissions from traffic.  Development of rail
services is a key consideration in the planning of Helsinki region
public transport. Rail services in the region will significantly
increase in the coming years with the completion of the Ring Rail
Line and West Metro. 

In the near future, the route of tram 9 will be extended from
the Central Railway Station via Kamppi to Länsisatama (West
Harbour). This will take place in the autumn. The route change will
significantly improve transport connections to the heavily
congested Länsisatama.

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