Development of a tram route network plan about to begin

HSL is about to launch the development of a new tram route network plan. We have opened a blog for the project where people can follow the progress of the planning process and comment on it.

The tram route network, which has been rather static for several decades, needs to be reviewed because the city is changing. Former harbor areas in Helsinki are being turned into residential and business areas and traffic in the city center is growing. Also people’s travel habits and values are changing.

The completion of the Ring Rail Line and West Metro will also affect traffic in the city center. The new rail links will bring in passengers from a larger area than before and passenger numbers will grow also in the city center.

Tram service passenger numbers are on the rise. HSL wants to develop tram routes in order for the positive trend to continue and even get stronger.

During the planning process about to begin, HSL will establish guidelines for the planning of tram services and develop different route network options. The impacts of the options will be assessed in technical and financial terms, without forgetting passengers; the aim is to create a network that is easy to understand and use. Feedback from residents will be a very important part of the planning.  

A blog has been opened for the tram route network plan, where you can follow the planning process and comment on it. The blog is in Finnish.

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