HSL hopes for a broad exchange of opinions on the future tram route network

HSL launched the planning of the future tram route network in September and has developed different route network options.

A draft route network plan will be drawn up on the basis of feedback received on the options and further planning.

The planning project has a blog in which work in progress is presented and people can comment and have their say on the future route network. There has been lively discussion about the project and we hope that residents will actively comment also on the route network options. The blog (in Finnish) is available at http://hslraitioliikennelinjasto.blogspot.fi/.

The impacts of the different proposals will be assessed in terms of technical and economic aspects but the passenger perspective will also play an important role. “The aim is to create a route network that is easy to understand and use. Customer feedback is extremely valuable when drawing up the plan," says Lauri Räty, an HSL Public Transport Planner. The route network plan will be completed in early 2014.

The tram route network needs to be revised as the city changes. Former harbor areas are being turned into residential and business areas and traffic in the city center is increasing. The Ring Rail Line and West Metro will also affect travel patterns in downtown Helsinki in the coming years.

“Tram services are slightly increasing in popularity. We want to develop the tram routes to keep the trend going and even to strengthen it," says Lauri Räty.




Welcome to meet the planners

HSL's planners will be presenting the tram route network proposals in open meetings. Residents are welcome to come and discuss the proposals with the planners and give their comments on them.

Open meetings:

• Töölö Library, Monday 25 November 3pm-7pm

• Laituri information and exhibition space, Wednesday 27 November 3pm-6.45pm.

• Kallio Library, Monday 2 December 3pm-7pm



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