Intensified ticket inspections 24 – 26 May

HSL will be conducting intensified ticket inspections on the
Metro, trams and commuter trains from Friday 24 May to Sunday 26
May. Ticket inspectors will be accompanied by police and security

HSL conducts intensified ticket inspections a few times a year.
The aim is to remind passengers that a ticket must be purchased
also on the late night services.

Ticket inspections are conducted in compliance with the Act on
Public Transport Penalty Fares for the common good. Passengers are
required to produce a valid ticket upon request by a ticket
inspector. The inspector has the right to catch a passenger
traveling without a valid ticket who cannot prove their identity

HSL inspects 3.4 million passengers every year and issues over
80,000 penalty fares. HSL loses roughly EUR 10 million in ticket
revenue every year due to fare dodging. Last year 3.2. percent of
passengers were found traveling without a valid ticket on different
modes of transport.

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