Passenger satisfaction with commuter train services on the rise

Passenger satisfaction with the performance of commuter train
services has been increasing at a record rate. In autumn 2011, only
two thirds of commuter train passengers gave a good grade to the
services; in the latest survey the share of satisfied passengers
was 83 percent. In autumn 2012, train services were estimated to be
the most efficient mode of transport.

The reliability of commuter train services has significantly
improved during the past couple of years. In 2010, 95 percent of
the scheduled services were run, while in 2012 the share was 99
percent. The Finnish Transport Agency, VR and HSL have strengthened
their cooperation in incident management.  Also, the new Flirt
trains have improved the reliability of train services, as they
have proven to be more reliable than the old trains.   

In September-December 2012, passengers gave HSL area public
transport a grade of 4.01 on a scale from 1 to 5. A total of 83
percent of the passengers gave a good or very good grade, while
only two percent of the passengers were dissatisfied. The overall
grade remained at the same level as the previous autumn but
passenger satisfaction with the Metro was down, while that with the
commuter train services was up.

Traditionally Metro passengers have been very satisfied with the
service: more than nine out of ten passengers have given Metro
services at least a good grade. In autumn 2012, only 73 percent of
Metro passengers were satisfied with the service. The biggest drop
was seen in the grade for signposting at stations. This was brought
about by problems in the introduction of new platform displays. The
occasional disruptions to Metro services in the autumn weakened
passenger satisfaction with punctuality, smoothness of travel and
ease of transfers.

Passenger satisfaction with keeping to timetables increased on
bus services; the satisfaction was higher in all operating areas
with the exception of Kerava. The biggest increase was seen on
Vantaa internal routes. Also tram passengers were more satisfied
than the year before with the punctuality of the services and the
smoothness of travel. The cleanliness of trams also received the
thumbs up from passengers. The grades for space capacity and
waiting conditions at stops were slightly down.

HSL surveys passenger satisfaction with public transport in
spring and autumn. During the autumn 2012 survey period from 3
September to 11 December, a total of 25,000 passengers responded to
the survey. 


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