The price of HSL’s regional season ticket to remain the same, increases in single fares

HSL encourages the use of season tickets through pricing. The price of regional season ticket will remain the same next year while the prices of internal season tickets will rise by 1.3 per cent in all HSL municipalities.

“Municipal contributions are primarily used to subsidize the prices of value and season tickets. Pricing provides a way to offer discounts to regular users of public transport. HSL uses value ticket pricing to attract also occasional users of public transport to use Travel Cards because the sales of single tickets on buses and trams causes delays,” says HSL's Director of Passenger Services Pirkko Lento.

For example, the price of an adult-rate 30-day season ticket will remain at €95.80 also next year. The internal tickets for Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo will rise by 1.3 per cent to €46.50 (current price €45.90).

The biggest increases will be seen in the prices of single tickets. Next year an adult-rate regional single ticket will cost €5 (current price €4.50) and city internal single tickets €3 (current price €2.80). The prices of internal tickets are the same for all HSL’s member municipalities. The increase in the single fares is hoped to encourage people to switch to Travel Card or other prepaid tickets and thus to decrease ticket sales by drivers and improve the smoothness of travel.

The prices of day tickets meant for occasional users of public transport such as tourists will not change. Also the Travel Card card charge and processing fee will remain the same.

HSL proposes to the Ministry of Transport and Communications an increase to the penalty fare from €80 to €100. The penalty fare has been €80 since 2007.


Yeah, when you pay with "arvo", what about _them_ prices?

What about the price for a single ticket bought with a loaded Travel Card?
Is that going to increase as well?
Not so clear from the text above...

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