HSL’s transport service plan for 2014-2015 simplifies the bus route network in Kirkkonummi and Sipoo

In HSL’s transport service plan for 2014-2015, the biggest changes are in bus services. In Kirkkonummi and Sipoo, the bus route network will be simplified by decreasing the number of different route versions. HSL will assume responsibility for the organization of transport services in Kirkkonummi and Sipoo in autumn 2014.

The transport service plan runs from spring 2014 to the end of the winter timetable season 2015.

In Helsinki, bus route 22 Sörnäinen - Pasila - Ilmala – Suursuo is withdrawn and replaced by a new route 50 Herttoniemi - Pasila - Ilmala - Suursuo. Route 59 has been overloaded between Herttoniemi and Pasila and route 50 will bring more capacity for the most loaded section.

In Espoo, route 13 Tapiola – Eestinlaakso is withdrawn. The route has had a low use rate. HSL also increases supply in the growing residential areas of Suurpelto and Saunalahti as well as the Otaniemi campus.

In Kerava, bus route 8 is extended from the Kerava station to the health center and the 973K route, which terminates at the health center, is withdrawn.

Different route versions decreased from over one hundred to about twenty in Kirkkonummi

HSL will assume responsibility for the organization of bus services in Kirkkonummi and Sipoo in autumn 2014 and the services planned in earlier route network plans will start operating. As of autumn 2014, bus operators will be responsible for the planning of timetables of the bus services in Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo. However, HSL will continue to determine the routes and service level.

In Kirkkonummi, the different route versions will decrease from over one hundred to about twenty. Transport links between Espoo and Kirkkonummi will improve when Espoo internal route 87 is extended from Kolmiranta to Veikkola. In addition, a new route 911 will start to run from Kauklahti via Masala to Kirkkonummi.

In Sipoo, the most significant change is improved transport links between Nikkilä and Söderkulla as well as between Nikkilä and Kerava.

The bus route running from Helsinki city center to South Sipoo will be turned into a feeder service from Itäkeskus Metro Station to Söderkulla. Also passengers from Helsinki to Nikkilä will in the future have to change buses at Kerava station on weekday evenings and at weekends. However, the number of services between Helsinki and Nikkilä at quiet times will increase because the short feeder service can be operated more frequently than the longer route to Helsinki.

In Vantaa, there are no significant changes to bus services.

I and K trains replaced by N trains in summer

The biggest change in commuter train services will be that in summer, I and K trains will be replaced by N trains running every 10 minutes. During the 8-week long summer timetable season, commuter train ridership decreases significantly and the 10-minute service frequency is sufficient to meet the demand.

HSL has not planned any significant changes to the tram, Metro or ferry services. The night Metro trial will end in June 2014 and HSL will decide on the future of the extended service at a later date.  

Comments from municipalities and residents

HSL's route network and timetable planners have drawn the plan in cooperation with public transport experts of the municipalities, operators as well as with the school authority in Espoo, the Department of Education of the City of Vantaa and the school authority in Kerava. Residents were able to comment on the plan online until mid-January.

Transport service plan (in Finnish) 



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