Passengers satisfied with reliable public transport

Passenger satisfaction with Helsinki region public transport hit a record high in the autumn 2013 survey.

Passenger satisfaction with Helsinki region public transport has been steadily improving in the recent years and hit a record high in the autumn 2013 survey. The reformed trunk route 550 received particularly high ratings.

In autumn 2013, passengers gave the HSL area public transport services an overall score of 4.13 on a scale of 1 to 5. “The score has been steadily improving for the past few years and in last autumn passenger satisfaction hit a record high on all modes of transport,” tells the Director of Public Transport Planning Department Tero Anttila.  

Some 22,000 passengers responded to the survey and 89.4 per cent of them gave public transport either a good or very good overall grade. The share of satisfied passengers has increased by two percentage points in two years.

On trunk route 550 (Itäkeskus – Westendinasema), open fare collection was introduced in autumn 2013. At the same time, the operator of the route changed and new vehicles entered into service. Passengers responded positively to the changes and open fare collection was positively commented in the open-ended section of the survey. Passenger satisfaction with trunk route 550 climbed to 87 per cent last autumn.

Improved reliability of commuter train services

All in all, passengers consider public transport more reliable than before. Passenger satisfaction with commuter train services has continued to increase, in particular. Commuter trains are deemed reliable and satisfaction with the smoothness of travel has clearly improved. The number of disturbances on commuter trains has decreased.

Passengers are satisfied also with the reliability of tram and bus services. Satisfaction with the ease of transfers has improved on both modes of transport. Passenger satisfaction with the Metro services remained high. Cleanliness has improved on all modes of transport, in particular on trains.

The stoppages that occurred in November, i.e. the strike by train drivers and the walkout by the drivers of Nobina West did not significantly affect passenger satisfaction.  

In December 2013, a problem was detected in the reliability of the autumn customer satisfaction survey data and consequently part of the survey data was removed. The survey results improved due to the correction of the data.

Such incidents will in the future be prevented by enhanced testing of the data. The new Asty Web tool will be used to ensure the quality of the data, in particular. The reliability of the results has already been significantly improved.

“In the future, we will ensure the quality of the survey data by statistical tests and various other means on a monthly basis. This allows us to take corrective measures also during the survey period,” says the Head of Operational Research Group Antti Vuorela.

HSL pays quality incentives to operators on the basis of the survey results. The operators who received smaller bonuses because of the erroneous data have been fully compensated.

In autumn 2013, the highest overall scores were given to bus route 550 (Itäkeskus - Westendinasema), A train (Helsinki - Leppävaara) and tram route 4 (Katajanokka - Munkkiniemi). The poorest overall scores were given to bus route 731 (Rautatientori - Kulomäki), Y train (Helsinki - Karjaa), and tram route 7A (Senate Square - Töölö - Pasila – Senate Square).

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