Travel Card is the most popular

In total 92 per cent of HSL public transport journeys are paid by Travel Card. The share of season tickets is 77 per cent and that of value tickets 15 per cent. Only about 8 per cent of journeys are made on single tickets. These statistics are from a recently published study on the development of HSL ticket sales, which describes the current state of ticket sales and suggests future development directions.

In 2013, HSL’s ticket revenue amounted to about EUR 280 million. Sales commissions, which amount to EUR 6 million, make up the largest portion of ticket sales costs. In future, the aim is to increase self-service in order to make ticket sales more cost-effective.

“In addition to cost-effectiveness, we need to bear in mind our customers’ needs. Customers can choose the most convenient place and way to purchase their tickets also in the future. Tickets are available online and from ticket machines but personal service is also available,” says the Director of HSL Passenger Services Department Pirkko Lento.

At the moment, customers load their Travel Cards mostly at sales points providing personal service. These points include R-kiosks, various other kiosks, chain stores and VR booking stations. The Travel Card service points maintained by HSL and its member municipalities sell tickets, issue personal Travel Cards, establish customer relationships and process inquiries and complaints.

Travel Cards can be loaded also at HSL’s and VR’s ticket machines. The share of self-service sales of Travel Card loadings will significantly increase when online purchase of season and value tickets becomes possible in 2017. The timing of the launch of the online service is related to the large Travel Card and ticketing system projects underway.

Online purchase of day tickets and Travel Cards for adults and children will become possible already during this year. HSL’s current ticket machines will be replaced by new ones, easier to use, by the end of 2015.

Single tickets from ticket machines and via mobile devices

The aim is to reduce ticket sales by drivers to improve driver safety and the smoothness and reliability of services. Customers are encouraged to buy single tickets from ticket machines and via mobile devices. According to current estimates, ticket sales by drivers on trams will be discontinued in 2016 when ticket machines will be installed on trams. Ticket machines will be installed also at busy stops, stations and public transport interchanges.

A new mobile single ticket will be introduced along the present SMS ticket. The trial will begin during this year. In the first phase, the single tickets are delivered as images to smartphones. The new mobile tickets are easier to inspect than the current SMS tickets and their validity area can be later extended to cover the whole region.

The Executive Board of HSL approved the ticket sales development program 2014-2020 on 25 March 2014.

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