Commuter train services resumed - other public transport resumes normal service after 5am Saturday morning

Commuter train services have resumed in the Helsinki region as planned after the Friday demonstration. There have been no significant problems. Trains run to their normal timetables. Trams, metro and buses resume normal service on Saturday morning. The first tram, metro and bus services leave after 5am. On Friday 18 September public transport in the region was disrupted due to a demonstration.

Updated 19 Sep 6.30am

Metro and tram services are still disrupted due to the demonstration and most bus services are not running, but commuter train services have resumed. 

Metro and tram services are suspended for the whole of Friday until the end of night service. Services resume on Saturday morning.

There are no commuter train services on Friday morning. Commuter train services resume around 6.30pm.  Also long-distance train services are suspended from 6am to 6pm.

Some bus services are operated on Friday. More information about bus services running on Friday is updated on the page below from Friday morning. Also some U line services operate on Friday. U line buses operating along Hämeenlinnanväylä operate almost a normal service. U line buses accept all HSL tickets, for example the Travel Card, but HSL tickets are not usually sold on U line buses. More information

List of bus services operated on 18 September

On Saturday morning, the first buses leave after 5am.

Kutsuplus operates as usual.

Suomenlinna ferry does not operate on Friday from 11am to 1pm.

In the Helsinki region, people are advised to travel on foot or by bike, when possible. Information about routes is available in the Journey Planner for Walking and Cycling, at The Public Transport Journey Planner is not updated during the demonstration so it should not be used for searching routes on Friday. 

HSL monitors the situation and informs passengers about the situation at as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

According to current information, the last L train from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi leave at 0.59am on the night of Thursday/Friday. The last T trains from Helsinki to Riihimäki are at 0.44am and 1.44am. On Friday morning, the 3.11am and 4.11am T trains from Riihimäki to Helsinki will run and the 5.37am and 6.12am Z trains from Lahti will probably run. Changes are possible.

According to current information, there are no other commuter train services on Friday morning.

After the demonstration, the first commuter trains are expected to leave at about 6.30pm. Cancellations and alterations to commuter train services are possible also after 6.30pm, possibly until Saturday 19 September.

First commuter train services on Fri 18 Sep

On the Ring Rail Line, train services resume at 6.29pm. However, the shuttle bus form the Tietotie entrance to the terminals is currently schedules to start running only on Saturday morning. The walk from the Tietotie entrance to the terminals is about 400-800 meters.

Finnair City Bus (Airport-Helsinki city center) operates from Elielin aukio (Eliel Square) and 9am-2pm from Hesperia puisto bus stop. The bus operates a reduced service.

Some long-distance trains to Helsinki stop at Tikkurila and Pasila stations in the morning. HSL's tickets are not valid on long-distance trains. More information about train services is available at VR's website.

Refund of season tickets

HSL will refund one day of season tickets valid on 18 September for passengers who have not been able to use public transport on their regular journeys. Refund is given as a season ticket or value loaded on Travel Card. In order to get the refund, customers need to visit a Travel Card service point but no refund application form is needed. Customers can visit the service points to receive refund from Saturday. The refund is 1.85 euros for those who have an internal season ticket and 3.69 euros for those who have a regional ticket.


Good to know about resumed Commuter train services in the Helsinki region that sort out problems of people who had faced difficulties due to stopped Commuter train services. Thanks for letting know about this services and list of bus services.


Good to know about resumed Commuter train services in the Helsinki region that sort out problems of people who had faced difficulties due to stopped Commuter train services. Thanks for letting know about this services and list of bus services.

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Yesterday we bought a ticket for three days and nobody warned us of this ...

what´s the best way to get from city centre to Kontula today about 3pm?
Thank you

There is a list of bus services operating today above. The list is updated as new information is available so please check the list every now and then for possible connections. You can either walk from the city center to Pasila and take bus 58B to Itäkeskus and continue by foot. Or take bus 16 from Merihaka to Kalasatama and from there bus 58B to Itäkeskus. There are no buses (or Metro) from Itäkeskus to Kontula so you need to walk or e.g. get a ride.

There is now new information about some services operating from Itäkeskus. Check the list of services operating to see, if you can use some of those.

Hi, I need to know if bus 102 / 102T from Kamppi to Otaniemi is running, and also the 195N

Information about bus services possibly running will not be available until tomorrow morning. The information will be posted on this page as soon as available.

What's the situation from Itäkeskus to City Centre? Information would be appreciated. :-)

There are no public transport services tomorron in the whole region. The Metro does not run at all. Information about any possible bus services running is not available until tomorrow morning. It is advisable to plan your journeys using some other mode of transport than public transport (walking, bike, car, ride-sharing...)

Thanks for your reply! ;-)

There will be no metro or tram services on Friday.

hi!Is there any information about metro now?

What about the metro? Will they drive before the demonstration?


Will there be any train services to Aviapolis/airport before 6:00AM on Friday ?
Are the Finnair buses operating normally on Friday (entire day) to the airport ?

There will be no commuter trains before 6am, please see the bulletin above. Finnair City bus will run every half an hour, see the timetable link below.

I Need to reach Vantaa Airport on 18th Sept by 6 PM, which mean I need to start from central station by 5 PM. Will the Bus or Train from Central Station for Airport Line be running that day ?
Please confirm

There will be no commuter train services until about 6.30pm. Bus services will not run from 3am on Friday until 3am on Saturday morning. Operators might be able to operate some services but information about them will not be available until Friday morning. Finnair City Bus will be operated every half an hour from 5am to 10pm. The timetable is available at

How about the bus? Will it also affect the bus? And from what time to what time?

Also bus services are affected. As stated in the bulletin, AKT bus drivers will not be working from 3am on Friday to 3am on Saturday, i.e. bus services will be disrupted from Friday morning to Saturday morning. It is possible that operators will be able to operate some services but information about those services will not be available until Friday morning.

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