HSL and HKL the main partners of IHME Contemporary Art Festival

The autumn video competition is now open! Participate and win free travel on public transport for a year. HSL and HKL are the main partners of the IHME Contemporary Art Festival.

In 2016, the main work of the festival will be Tram Buskers’ Tour. IHME has commissioned the work from Czech artist Kateřina Šedá and its main stage will be Helsinki trams, where some of the best international buskers are invited to perform. The buskers will be performing on trams outside peak times in March 2016 (14-20 March 2016).

"HSL is pleased to help to make art experiences like this that enlighten our passengers daily journeys. The work by Kateřina Šedá aims to increase interaction between passengers and it fits well with our values of open and continuous dialogue," says HSL’s Director of Marketing and Communication Mari Flink.

"Cooperation with the festival is a natural follow-up to HKL’s Taidelinja (‘Art Line') project bringing art to trams, metro trains and Metro stations. HKL wants to participate in bringing art experiences to public transport and people's everyday life," says HKL Head of Communications Elina Maunuksela. 

Two video competitions are run as part of the IHME project. The prizes are provided by the main partners of the festival, HSL and HKL. In the autumn competition, you can suggest a busker for the Tram Buskers’ Tour taking place in March 2016. To enter into the #IHMEratikassa competition, take a video of a busker, share it on YouTube with the hashtag #IHMEratikassa and fill in the participation form at http://www.ihmefestival.fi/ihmeratikassa/


Free travel on public transport for a year and a private tram ride for the winners

The winner of the autumn competition will get free travel on HSL public transport for a year. The prize will be loaded on a personal Travel Card. If the winner does not have a personal Travel Card, he/she will get one. The ticket is valid on all public transport in the HSL area. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another person. The prize is provided by HSL and it is worth €1618.30 (+ Travel Card €5).

The spring 2016 #IHMEratikassa competition will run 14-20 March 2016. To enter into the competition, you need to take a video of a performance on a tram. The winner of the spring competition will get a two-hour private tram ride provided by HKL. 

Kateřina Šedá (born 1977) is from the Czech Republic. The aim of her work is to give a greater sense of community, increase interaction between people, and make the invisible everyday “nothing” visible.

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