HSL makes customer satisfaction survey data available to the public

Do the buses run on-time? Is travel by public transport fast and smooth? Is it easy to change from one public transport vehicle to another? Is timetable and route information readily available? Is the driver's driving style pleasant and smooth?

Answers to all these questions are available in Asty Web, an open online database developed by HSL and Data Rangers Oy. The result of many years of development work is now open to the public. HSL’s aim was to create an easy-to-use online database for all those interested in public transport.

“All data from our extensive customer satisfaction survey is now openly available to anyone. Passengers, researches and the media can freely utilize the survey data and results. Asty Web is available also in Swedish and English to serve international audience," says the Head of HSL Operation Research Group Antti Vuorela.

You can search the database, for example, to view the ratings given to your bus route by other passengers. Similar data is available also for trams, commuter trains and the Metro.

The customer satisfaction data is publicly available through the API. The API documentation is available on the Asty Web instruction page.

HSL  measures passenger satisfaction with public transport services year-round using onboard questionnaires. Some 50,000 passengers respond to the survey every year.

Asty Web online database: https://hsl.louhin.com/asty/


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