Improved bus fleet quality in the Helsinki region

The quality of the bus fleet in the Helsinki region improved during 2014. During the autumn 2014 research period, deviations in quality were observed in 54 per cent of the buses inspected. In spring 2014, the corresponding figure was 59 per cent. On tram services, the corresponding figure was 31 per cent, on the Metro 24 per cent.

“Although the improved quality is partly explained by new buses, operators can also affect the quality by active improvement measures," says the Head of HSL's Operational Research Group Antti Vuorela.

A total of 3,500 observations were made in the quality controls on buses, 300 on tram and 300 on Metro trains. The quality controls view quality from the perspective of quality perceived by passengers including the overall condition and tidiness of the fleet as well as passenger information. The aim is improve passengers' travel experience. HSL conducts quality controls annually from January to May and September to November.

Operators get up to date information about any deviations in quality via the online reporting system called Jola Web. The system was developed by HSL and Data Rangers Oy. Quality controls are conducted using electronic research forms. Photographs are saved in Jola Web. Operators can address the deviations observed immediately, if they wish.

HSL is a forerunner in fleet quality controls. Jola Web has been exhibited in several conferences in Finland and abroad.

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