Number of fare dodgers remains low

In 2014, about 2.7 per cent of passengers were caught traveling without a valid ticket. The figure is the same as in 2013.

The highest numbers of fare dodgers were found on commuter trains, trams and the Metro. HSL inspects tickets in the whole HSL area and also on VR’s commuter and long-distance train services.

HSL’s goal was to keep the number of fare dodgers low by efficient, high-profile ticket inspections. The goal was achieved: In 2014, in total 3.8 million passengers’ tickets were checked, a figure slightly down from the previous year (4 million). In international comparison, a percentage of fare dodgers less than three is very good.

Ticket inspections were focused on rail services and trunk route 550 where open fare collection has been tested. In addition, more ticket inspectors were deployed on weekend evening services, among other things because of the night Metro trial. The highest number of fare dodgers was found on T and N trains on the main line and L trains on the coastal line. On commuter trains, 3.75 percent of passengers were caught fare dodging.

Ticket inspectors also guided passengers in cases of service disruptions and participated in conducting ticket surveys and training of security guards assisting the inspectors.  

In 2015, HSL’s goal is to continue efficient, high-profile inspections and prevent increase in fare dodging. Inspections are again focused in particular on rail services and morning and afternoon peaks. The aim is to maintain the efficiency of inspections at least at the 2014 level: each ticket inspector checks on average 245 tickets during one day.

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