Bus services in Espoo return to normal from Wednesday morning

Bus services in Espoo return to normal on Wednesday morning. The work stoppage that began on Tuesday morning 1 March ends at 4am on Wednesday.

Season ticket refund

If you have a valid season ticket and you were unable to use it on your usual journeys during the stoppage, HSL refunds one day's fee. Refunds are considered on a case by case basis. Possible refund is given as a season ticket or value loaded on Travel Card. The refund is 1.96 euros for those who have an Espoo internal adult season ticket and 3.82 euros for those who have a regional ticket.

In order to get the refund, you need to fill in the application from and take it to a service point or send it by mail to:

HSL Helsingin seudun liikenne, PL 101, 00077 HSL.

Refund application form

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