Central Pasila in transformation – a temporary train station and new traffic arrangements to be introduced

The construction of new Central Pasila is moving to the next stage affecting Pasila railway station and traffic arrangements in the area. A temporary train station will be opened in March 2017 and it will serve passengers until autumn 2019, when the new Pasila station will be completed. The opening of the temporary station will affect public transport in the area.

The existing Pasila station will be completely demolished and passengers will use the temporary station during the construction of the new station. The new station will be part of the new center of Central Pasila, Tripla.

The temporary station bridge is built over the tracks. The station will be connected to Itä-Pasila via a transfer brigde crossing Ratapihantie and to Opastinsilta via an access bridge. A temporary three-story station building with warm waiting rooms and some business premises is constructed at the east end of the station bridge.

There will be lifts and stairs from the station bridge to each platform. The transfer bridge across Ratapihantie to Veturitori will be about five meters wide and there will be access to the street level at the east end of the bridge via stairs or a lift. Kiss & Ride area will be at Veturitori, along with 130 bicycle parking spaces.

Temporary station to be opened in March

The temporary train station will be opened in March 2017 and it will serve passengers until autumn 2019, when the new Pasila station, Tripla shopping center and parking facilities will be completed. In spring 2017, both the current and temporary stations will be in use at the same time. The current station will be closed in June 2017.

The station bridge of the temporary station is already partly constructed. The transfer bridge crossing Ratapihantie and the access bridge to Opastinsilta will be constructed during the year end. The foundation works for the bridges will somewhat affect traffic in the area. Information on the works will be provided separately. There will be no changes to the access to Veturiparkki.

Pasila is the second busiest station in Finland. All trains stop at Pasila, with the exception of the Allegro train to St. Petersburg. There will be waiting rooms for passengers both at the temporary station building and on the station bridge. There will also be an R-kiosk, a Subway restaurant, toilets, and VR and HSL ticket machines.

In addition, train tickets can be purchased at R-kiosks and from self-service machines. There will be timetable displays, which are at the responsibility of the Finnish Transport Agency, as well as a PA system. There will be no left luggage facilities or ATMs at the temporary station due to lack of space.

The northern underpass will remain open; there are timetable displays and HSL’s ticket machine in the underpass. The northern underpass is the best route, for example, to the Exhibition and Fair Center and Hartwall Arena.

Impacts on public transport

The opening of the temporary station will affect pedestrian routes and public transport interchanges in Pasila. Public transport runs despite the construction work but there will be changes to the locations of bus and tram stops.

The biggest change is that the stops located on Pasilansilta in front of the station square will be closed. The buses currently using the stop will stop either on Ratapihantie (23, 23N, 506) or on Asemapäällikönkatu (50, 58, 58B, 59, 518, 551). In addition, buses 58 and 58B will be rerouted to run from Pasila station to Aleksis Kiven katu via Itä-Pasila. Walking distances for most passengers transferring from one vehicle to other will slightly increase but this arrangement ensures as short walking distances as possible.

Trams will stop on Ratapihantie as at present but the location of the stops will slightly change. Trams 7A and /B will stop at the same stops as buses 69, 506 and 848 by the temporary train station. The departure stop of tram 9 will be directly under the station bridge.

The best route to stops located on Asemapäällikönkatu is along Junailijankuja. Transfers from train to trams and buses 69 and 506 will become easier as there will be a direct exit from the station bridge also to the station side of Ratapihantie.

There will be staff guiding passengers when the changes take effect. The construction works are part of a major transformation of Central Pasila.

The illustrations of the temporary station and maps showing traffic arrangements are available in the material bank of the City of Helsinki.

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