Discounts and guided tram and bus tours on Car Free Day 22 September

At the beginning of the Mobility Week, Friday 16 September, HSL will provide bike maintenance next to Pitkäsilta bridge.

Pyöräilijöille on tarjolla aamiaista ja pyöränhuoltoa.

During the Mobility Week, cyclists will be offered breakfast, cycling tips and bike maintenance.

How do you get to work today? Or to your workout or a concert? We make about a thousand daily journeys a year. The Mobility Week starting on Friday 16 September challenges us to think how to make our daily journeys.

HSL will mark the Mobility week with various events and discounts on tickets on the Car Free Day.

The Mobility Week will kick off on Friday 16 September with bike maintenance help offered by HSL at the corner of Kaisaniemi Park, next to Pitkäsilta bridge. In addition, cyclist will be offered some snacks and saddle covers for rainy days will be available.

The Car Free Day 22 September will be marked with free breakfast, discounts on tickets and guided tours on trams and buses.

On Thursday 22 September, breakfast will be offered for cyclists on the Helsinki Baana under Porkkalankatu bridge from 7am to 9am. HSL will distribute daytime running lights and saddle covers. In addition, cyclists will be offered cycling tips and minor bike maintenance such as oiling chains and pumping up tires. The event is organized by Helsinki Cyclists, HePo.

On the Car Free Day, you can travel on Helsinki region public transport at discounted prices. One, two and three-zone single tickets and value tickets will cost only 1, 2 and 3 euros respectively. Fares for children and discount groups are 50 cents, 1 and 1.5 euros respectively. The discount will also apply to mobile and SMS tickets. The discounted prices will be valid on 22 September from 4.30am until the end of the service at 2am the next morning. On most U line buses to Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo, you can get the discount only by purchasing a value ticket with HSL’s Travel Card.

In the afternoon, you can also participate a guided tram or bus ride. Approximately from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, you can discover interesting sites and places along the routes of tram 2/3 and buses 550 and 560 with the help of professional guides from Helsingin Turistioppaat ry. All you’ll need is a valid public transport ticket.

HSL wants to encourage people to use sustainable modes of transport. Choose the best mode of transport for each type of journey: to work or school by public transport, to the workout by bike, to a concert by ridesharing. You can also combine different modes of transport: cycle to Park & Ride, hop on the Metro or train and make the rest of your journey by foot or a city bike. The Helsinki region is growing rapidly and HSL’s goal is to direct the growth in traffic to public transport, walking and

Read more about the Mobility Week.  

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