Errors in timetables at bus and tram stops

The departure times shown on the timetables at bus stops in Kirkkonummi, Espoo and Kauniainen, valid from 20 June, are wrong. In Helsinki, timetables with wrong departure times are displayed at tram stops and many bus stops. The scale of the problem is not yet known but in Vantaa and Kerava the timetables seem to be correct.

Due to a system malfunction, the timetables show departure times from termini instead of stop-specific departure times. Works to replace the wrong timetables with new, correct ones are started immediately in Espoo and Helsinki, but they will take about two weeks to complete. We apologize for the wrong information.

Correct timetables are available in the Journey Planner. In addition, the timetables shown on the electronic displays at stops are correct. Printable timetables are available at Route-specific timetables are available on buses and at HSL’s service points as well as at Citizens’ Offices in Espoo. These timetables show departure times from termini.

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