HSL’s customer satisfaction survey to launch next week

HSL’s customer satisfaction survey will launch again next Monday, 15 August. HSL measures customer satisfaction using onboard questionnaires and conducts fleet quality controls. This autumn, the survey is conducted on buses, trams, the Metro and commuter trains from 15 August to 11 November.

 “By responding to the survey, customers help us improve our services. The survey results are used for public transport development, staff training and calculating quality incentives for tendered services,” explains Head of Group Antti Vuorela.  

The results will be available in HSL’s open online database at https://hsl.louhin.com/asty/

Fleet quality controls in autumn 2016

HSL is conducting field observations to evaluate the quality of public transport fleet. The aim is to make sure the vehicles in service in the HSL area are clean, safe and comfortable.

In autumn 2016, fleet quality controls are conducted from 1 September to 30 November on bus, tram, Metro and commuter train services. Over 4,000 vehicles will be controlled during the period.

HSL commissions the surveys from Taloustutkimus Oy.


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