HSL’s customer satisfaction surveys underway

HSL is conducting surveys on public transport to measure passenger satisfaction with the services in the HSL area. By responding to the survey, you help us improve our services.

The survey results are used for public transport development, staff training and calculating quality incentives for tendered services. The results will be available in HSL’s open online database at https://hsl.louhin.com/asty

In spring 2016, customer satisfaction surveys are conducted on all modes of public transport 11 January-13 May and on the Suomenlinna ferry in weeks 1, 2, 7 and 8.

HSL public transport fleet quality control in spring 2016

HSL is conducting field observations to evaluate the quality of public transport fleet. The aim is to make sure the vehicles in service in the HSL area are clean, safe and comfortable.

In spring 2016, fleet quality controls are conducted 19 January -13 May on bus, tram, Metro and train services. Over 4,000 vehicles will be controlled during the spring. Commuter train services are included in the quality controls for the first time.

HSL commissions the surveys from Taloustutkimus Oy.

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