Passenger satisfaction remained high in spring 2016

In spring 2016, a total of 88 per cent of passengers were satisfied with HSL’s public transport services. Passenger satisfaction remains very good.

In Kirkkonummi, passenger satisfaction with bus services has improved. Good results were achieved already in fall 2015, when stop-specific arrival times were adjusted on the basis of measurement data. In addition, conditions and information at bus stops were improved during fall 2015.

Sipoo transport services achieved the highest overall passenger satisfaction score. In particular, satisfaction with travel comfort has improved thanks to new vehicles. In addition, passengers are significantly more satisfied with the punctuality of services than in spring 2015.

In general, passenger satisfaction with the punctuality of bus services was 72 per cent, down by four percentage points from spring 2015. In Vantaa, only every other passenger was satisfied with punctuality. Passenger satisfaction with punctuality started to decline in Vantaa after the bus network redesign in autumn 2015. The decline continued in spring 2016.

Improved disruption information and punctuality of commuter train services

For the first time, passenger satisfaction with commuter train services and bus services were at the same level, with 70 per cent of commuter train passengers being satisfied with punctuality.

Flow of information and preparedness for disruptions have been improved in a joint project between Finnrail and HSL. Improved disruption information has decreased the discomfort experienced by passengers.

In addition, the cleanliness of train stations has improved almost continuously since 2012.

The good results are partly due to the increased services following the opening of the Ring Rail Line, in particular, the more frequent services between Helsinki and Tikkurila, new Flirt trains and improved K train timetables.

“Passenger satisfaction in Kirkkonummi and Sipoo has greatly improved now that passengers have learned the new routes and the routes and timetables have been adjusted.” The improved satisfaction of commuter train passengers is due to more effective disruption information, thanks to cooperation between several actors, as well as to new, high-quality and accessible Flirt trains,” says HSL’s Director of Public Transport Planning, Mr Tero Anttila.

Over 28,000 passengers responded to the survey on bus, tram, Metro and commuter train services in spring 2016. In the survey, passengers assess HSL’s public transport services on a scale of 1- 5.

HSL measures passenger satisfaction with public transport services year-round on all modes of public transport using onboard questionnaires. The survey is conducted Monday to Thursday 6am – 6pm and Friday 6am – 4pm.


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