Percentage of passengers caught without a valid ticket remained low last year

In 2015, about 2,7 per cent of passengers were caught traveling without a valid ticket on HSL’s public transport services. The figure is the same as in 2014.

HSL’s goal last year was to keep the level of fare evasion low with high-profile, efficient ticket inspections and this goal was achieved. The figure is good by international standards.

However, as HSL lost nearly 10 million euros due to fare evasion last year, ticketless travel still makes a significant dent in the public transport finances.

In 2015, HSL inspected the tickets of some 4 million passengers, while in 2014 the figure was 3.8 million. On average, ticket inspectors inspected the tickets of 251 passengers a day, which was slightly more than in the previous year (245).

The highest numbers of fare dodgers were found on the Metro, trams and commuter trains. The number of fare dodgers caught Metro station platforms and commuter trains decreased from 2014. By contrast, the number of ticketless passengers on tram was slightly higher than in 2014. 

In 2016, HSL continues tickets inspections along the same lines. High-profile, efficient ticket inspections keep fare evasion in check and help to increase ticket revenue.  Inspections are focused in particular on rail services and morning and afternoon peaks. Ticket inspectors’ skills are updated through refresher courses on related key legislation and guidelines for ticket inspections.

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