Route 20 begins operating between Erottaja and Katajaharju from 3 October

Helsinki bus route 20 will again serve Lauttasaari from 3 October. The bus will run between Erottaja and Katajaharju Monday to Friday at peak times.

A new bus network was introduced in Lauttasaari on 15 August 2016. Services will now be increased because the buses have been crowded in particular at peak times.

Timetable of route 20

Bus routes serving Lauttasaari from 3 October 2016:
20 Erottaja-Katajaharju  Route of bus 20
20X Kamppi-Katajaharju
21BX Kamppi-Vattuniemi
21V Asema-aukio-Vattuniemi
102-160T Kamppi-Lauttasaari-Espoo


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Thank you for the bus service. I will be visiting Finland on July. I hope i will get an opportunity to travel on the busses after i am done with my student life. Dissertations, essays, term papers have not been a joke, I wont miss the student life.

are there any news regarding the changes in bus system??planning to go to Finland for Christmas..well..after getting my paychecks from and looking for the updated information regarding buses and trains and plains to make sure nothing unexpected happens but still unexpected things make the trip more memorable, I guess

Absolutely delighted the 20 bus is back but really wish it could be back as it was. Thank you for reinstating this service

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