Trial of new ticketing devices started

HSL's first new ticketing devices have been installed on a bus.

Uusi kuljettajan myyntilaite ja matkakortinlukija bussissa

New driver's POS terminal and Travel Card reader. 

The bus equipped with the new devices leaves from Henttaa at 7.05am on Tuesday 5 April. The bus operates on Espoo internal route 16. Over the coming weekend, the bus will be operating also on route 105.

The devices now tested include driver's POS terminal, driver's info terminal, Travel Card reader for customers and display showing the name of the next stop.

The bus participating in the trial is marked with decals. There are also posters at bus stops informing passengers about the trial.

What next?

Passengers can test the new devices on buses operated by Åbergin Linja on Espoo internal routes 16, 16 A and 16B as well as regional routes 105 and 565. The devices are
Corrections and amendments will be made following the trial.

Wide-scale installation of new Travel Card readers will start after accepted trial, approximately at the end of May 2016. Other computers, driver’s devices and onboard displays are installed on buses at the same time. The installation is expected to take about 9 months. Devices are installed on 1,500 buses in the HSL area, as well as on trams and trains.

Read more at On the site, you can test the new Travel Card reader.

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