HSL to install more ticket machines at train stations during the summer

Although ticket sales on commuter trains ended on 19 June, there are many ways to buy tickets. HSL is expanding its ticket machine network and over the coming weeks, new ticket machines will be installed at stations where there are currently no ticket machines. At the moment, ticket machines are available at about twenty train stations. HSL’s tickets are also available from VR’s ticket machines at Helsinki, Pasila, Tikkurila, Helsinki Airport, Kerava and Leppävaara stations.

At HSL’s new ticket machines, passengers can buy single tickets for adult and children as well as day tickets.  The machines accept cash and card.  Tickets bought from ticket machines are valid for 80-100 minutes from the moment of purchase.

Tickets are also available from R-kiosks and several stores, e.g. K-Citymarket and Prisma stores, Stockmann department stores as well as HSL, VR and municipal service points.  At the Central Railway Station and in Kamppi, tickets are available form R-kiosks open 24/7. From 19 June, sales points sell advance purchase single tickets for adults and children. The tickets must be used within a year of purchase. The tickets are validated at onboard card readers.

For detailed information about sales points, see HSL's sales point search

HSL’s free mobile app is a handy option.  Mobile tickets can be charged to phone bill or paid by credit card.

From 19 to 22 June, there are HSL ticket sellers at stations 7am-6pm.

Most train passengers already buy their tickets elsewhere. The share of tickets sold on HSL-area trains (1.6%) has steadily decreased.

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