Metro service to Matinkylä begins on 18 November – Get ready for the opening day!

The long-awaited day is nearly here! Metro service to Matinkylä, Espoo finally begins on Saturday 18 November. The change is historic; the previous change of similar magnitude was seen in 1982 when the Helsinki Metro was opened.

The Metro extension is 14 kilometers long, with eight new stations: Lauttasaari and Koivusaari in Helsinki, Keilaniemi, Aalto University, Tapiola, Urheilupuisto, Niittykumpu and Matinkylä in Espoo.

Traveling on the Metro

The Metro is a convenient mode of transport that forms the backbone of east to west transport links in the capital region. It provides a frequent service with long operating hours.

The Metro differs from other modes of transport in the HSL area in that you always have to pay your fare before entering the platform area. You can buy your ticket with a Travel Card, via a mobile app, or from a ticket machine or HSL sales point (e.g. R-kiosks or HSL’s own service points).

Always let people get off before you get on and don't block closing doors as it causes delays to departures. In other words, don’t make a last minute dash for the doors – the next train is just minutes away.

On escalators at Metro stations, stand to the right and walk to the left to pass. There is plenty of signage to help you find your way at the stations.

On the opening day, significantly higher numbers of passengers are expected to be traveling in particular on the western section of line than usual on Saturdays. Passengers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys and be patient.

This is how the Metro runs

From 18 November, the Metro will operate on two lines: Matinkylä–Vuosaari and Tapiola–Mellunmäki. On the shared section of line between Tapiola and Itäkeskus, the headways are 2.5 minutes at peak times Monday to Friday, during the daytime and early evening as well as on Saturdays, the headways are 3-4 minutes. At other times, the Metro runs every 5 minutes.

The Metro service begins at about 5am and continues until about 11.30pm. On Sundays, service begins at about 6am.

During the pre-Christmas party season 17 November-17 December, the Metro runs two hour longer than usual on Friday and Saturday evenings. For more information about additional services during the pre-Christmas party season, see here.

Opening day program

The first Metro trains leave right after 5am from both Itäkeskus and Matinkylä. HSL staff will be guiding passengers outside Metro stations throughout Saturday.

The opening of the Metro extension will be celebrated 10am-4pm at the M.E.E.T Square in the Iso Omena shopping center.

In addition, there will be various events in the vicinity of Tapiola, Niittykumpu and Lauttasaari stations. There will be staff to assist passengers at all new stations. Staff will be available at key stations also on Sunday and Monday.

Read more about the changes to public transport from 18 November at

Metro station maps are available at stations and at HKL's website.


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