The old Journey Planner to be closed on 30 November 2017

The new Journey Planner is available at

HSL’s old Journey Planner will be closed on 30 November. The new Journey Planner is available at

As most of the users of the Journey Planner use the service on mobile devices the new Journey Planner has been designed in particular for mobile users. The new Journey Planner has some 150,000 daily users, on peak days 200,000.

The new Journey Planner is constantly developed and new features are added on a regular basis. Errors are being corrected as they are found. Since the opening of the new Journey Planner, HSL has received a wealth of feedback. The feedback has helped us, for example, to correct the map data.

The old Journey Planner has had some 20,000 daily users after the launch of the new Journey Planner in February. During the autumn, HSL has invited feedback from the users of the old planner about how to develop the new Journey Planner to better meet their wishes. The old and new planners have been available side by side for about 10 months.

The old Journey Planner for Cycling and Walking will remain available at The Journey Planner for Cycling and Walking will be transferred to the new planner during the next year.

The new Journey Planner was developed because the old planner could not process real-time data now transmitted from HSL’s vehicles. In addition, the new Journey Planner has been designed using the principles of open data, which means that anyone, not just a certain supplier, can further develop the service.


There are lot of old people like to check transportation timetable near home stops before leaving home. The old ones are form of a table, one glance can take almost whole day’s schedule in a certain stop. In the new one, when you want to see all schedules in a certain stop, it gives you so little room to show, you need scroll continuously while most room occupied by waste logos.

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