The quality of buses in the HSL area improved since spring 2016

According to HSL’s public transport fleet quality control conducted in autumn 2016, an increasing number of buses are in a good condition. The quality of commuter trains has also improved.

Nearly 60 per cent of buses controlled last autumn were in good condition. The share of buses in good condition was higher than in spring 2016.

The improved result was partly due to sanctions for quality deviations imposed in late spring 2016.  If the buses deviate significantly from HSL’s quality criteria, operators have to pay sanctions, which encourages them to fix any shortcomings promptly. In the long term, the quality of buses has improved also due to improved maintenance and new vehicles.

Over 80 per cent of trams and Metro trains were in good condition. As share of trams and Metro trains in good condition was already, there was no significant change from the previous control.  

The overall quality of commuter trains was up from spring 2016. However, quality deviations were observed in just over 80 per cent of the train units examined.

A typical deviation in Sm2 trains was the condition of windows. In Sm5 trains, there was room for improvement in the cleanliness of seats. Most of the deviations in the cleanliness of seats in Sm5 trains were observed in older trains. In the newer trains, the seats are made from a material that is easy to clean, which clearly showed in the results.

The quality of the rolling stock improves as older Sm2 trains are replaced by newer Sm5 trains.

In autumn 2016, HSL controlled the quality of nearly 4,000 buses, trams, Metro trains and commuter train units. The results are utilized to determine the quality bonus payments and quality sanctions to operators. The goal of quality controls is to improve passengers’ public transport travel experience.

The results for different modes of transport are not comparable as the characteristics and number of factors examined vary from one mode of transport to another.

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