Regular passengers travel more economically – HSL and R-kiosks are campaigning for longer term season tickets

HSL’s loyal customers who use season tickets travel more economically on public transport..

Municipalities pay part of the price of season tickets. In case of city internal tickets, the subsidy covers up to half the ticket price. The longer season ticket you buy on your Travel Card, the cheaper the price per day. If, for example, you buy a ticket for two months instead of for two weeks, you save 15 percent on the price per day. By buying a season ticket for full year on one go, you get one month free of charge compared to buying monthly tickets.  

R-kiosks and HSL are campaigning for longer term season tickets. R-kiosks are running a prize draw campaign for customers who load their Travel Cards at R-kiosks. When a customer loads their Travel Card at an R-kiosk, there is a code in the receipt allowing them to enter the prize draw.   Every week, one participant wins free HSL journeys for the rest of the year. The campaign runs until 20 April 2017.

 “HSL aims to encourage customers to buy longer term season tickets so that loyal customers can get the most out of their season tickets. The longer the season ticket you buy, the cheaper the price per day,” says HSL’s Director of Customer Experience and Sales, Mari Flink.

HSL Travel Cards can be topped up at all HSL-area R-kiosks. In addition to R-kiosks, Travel Cards can be topped up at various stores, kiosks and HSL’s service points.

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