Tuusula to join HSL

The municipal council of Tuusula decided on 13 February that Tuusula will join HSL at the beginning of 2018. The accession yet needs to be approved by HSL Executive Board and the current member municipalities.

 “Our residents have been hoping for better public transport services for a long time. I hope HSL will deliver this. Tuusula will become more integrated with the Helsinki region and the membership will improve the accessibility of services and jobs. I see HSL as an important pull factor in Tuusula”, says the Chair of the Tuusula Municipal Executive Board Sanna Kervinen.

A large number of the journeys made by Tuusula residents are to the HSL area. HSL Travel Card is useful in particular to those who use also HSL area transport services. The Travel Card is valid in the HSL area on buses, the Metro, commuter trains, trams and the Suomenlinna ferry. The fares for children aged 7-16 years and for students will significantly decrease.

 “When Tuusula joins HSL, some passengers who can now make direct journeys will have to change from bus to train at one of the Ring Rail Line or main line stations. At the same time, our residents will get access to the wide catchment areas of both of the rail lines. HSL strives to promote the construction of railway station in Ruskeasanta. The station would serve in particular residents of Tuusula both as a feeder bus station and Park & Ride site," says HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi.

Replacing direct bus services by feeder services enables a more frequent service with the same number of buses because no journey time is lost in the congested streets of Helsinki. In South Tuusula, services can be increased in particular in the evening, at night and weekends by bus-train combinations. Direct bus services between Hyrylä and Helsinki will continue to run during weekday morning and afternoon peaks.

Joining HSL will increase the need for public transport funding but it is a major investment in the development of public transport and making the municipality more attractive. HSL’s expenses are allocated to its member municipalities in proportion to services used. Tuusula’s share will cover the cost for more extensive public transport services as well as HSL’s passenger information, Journey Planner and other digital timetable services. Ticket revenue covers nearly 50% of HSL's operating expenses and municipal contributions cover the rest. According to preliminary calculations, Tuusula’s share of funding in 2018 will be about 3 million euros.

There will be no changes to bus routes and timetables at the beginning of 2018. Bus services in Tuusula will at first be operated based on the existing operating contracts but the contracts will be transferred to HSL at the beginning of 2018. HSL will start to plan the Tuusula route network after the final decision on accession has been made. HSL will first survey the mobility needs and hopes of Tuusula residents at the latest after the summer holidays. The needs for change to the bus network will be identified on the basis of the survey together with the municipality of Tuusula during 2017. The first changes to services will be made in phases during 2018 and 2019. 


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