Changes to stop names in the HSL area from 1 January 2019

There will be changes to some stop names in the HSL area from 1 January 2019. The changes are made, for example, because of changed location or because the old name does not adequately describe the location of a stop. There are more than 4,000 pairs of bus stops in the HSL area and all of them have names.

Changes in Helsinki

The “Caloniuksenkatu” tram stop on Mechelininkatu, served by tram route 8, will be renamed “Arkadiankatu”. The stop was moved in conjunction with the renovation of Mechelininkatu and the trams no longer stop at the Caloniuksenkatu junction.

The “Puolipäivänkatu” tram stop in Katajanokka, served by tram route 4, will be renamed “Ulkoministeriö” (Ministry for Foreign Affairs). The renaming is to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, celebrated in 2018. As the Ministry is also the most significant attraction in the area, the renaming is well founded.

The “Kyllikinportti” bus stop on Pasilankatu in Länsi-Pasila will be renamed “Eevanmäki”. The name is changed to differentiate the bus stops from the “Kyllikinportti” tram stops located at the other side of the police station on Pasilanraitio.

The “Kettukuja” bus stops in Länsi-Herttoniemi will be renamed “Kettulehto”. In addition, linguistic corrections will be made to some Finnish and Swedish stop names.

Changes in Vantaa

The “Myllymäen koulu” bus stops on Martinkyläntie and Hämeenlinnanväylä will be renamed “Vantaankosken VPK” because the Myllymäki School has been closed down and the name is no longer appropriate. The “Silatie” bus stop in Linnainen will be renamed “Silakuja”  and the “Vuorimestarintie” bus stop in Kaivoksela will be renamed “Kaivomestarinpuisto”.

Changes in Espoo

The “Koirankorpi” bus stops located on Lahnuksentie will be renamed “Hännikäinen”.

Changes in Tuusula

In Tuusula, a number of stops will get Swedish names alongside the Finnish names, although the municipality is officially monolingual. However, the new names will be traditional Swedish names such as Skavaböle (Hyrylä), Mariefors (Kellokoski), Nackskog (Nahkela), Finby (Lahela), Kvarnby (Myllykylä), Klemetskog (Ruotsinkylä), Tomasby (Tuomala) and Landsvägsbyn (Maantiekylä). The aim is to keep the historial Swedish language nomenclature alive.


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