Get ready to enjoy summer events: buy your ticket in advance!

A range of events will be taking place in the Helsinki region during the summer months. We encourage event-goers to use public transport, walk or cycle whenever possible. In addition to large numbers of people moving around, there are numerous street and track works affecting traffic.


Tips for travel:

1. Plan the route and check which ticket you need for the journey in advance. Use the HSL app or the browser version of the Journey Planner.

2. Buy your ticket in advance.Tickets are not sold on the Metro, trams and commuter trains.

  • Top up your HSL Travel Card with a season ticket or value in advance.
  • Alternatively, download the HSL app on your mobile phone and use it to buy tickets (single, day or 30-day mobile tickets for adults). You can pay your tickets with Visa or MasterCard or by mobile payment. You can download the HSL app from an app store.
  • Buy a day ticket. A day ticket is a good option if you make several journeys a day.
  • Buy advance purchase single tickets from R-kiosk.
  • HSL’s tickets are available, for example, from all R-kiosks in the HSL area and from ticket machines. All ticket sales points:
  • Buy a city bike pass,

3. Allow enough time

Major events attract thousands of people, all traveling at the same time. HSL provides additional services when needed. Information about additional services is available on and on the HSL app.

  • This summer, there are more street and track works than usual affecting traffic. For example, there are diversions to tram routes 8, 4, 2 and 7. Buses replace the trams on the sections of routes not served by trams.
  • Some commuter trains will not run between Helsinki and Pasila 25 June-5 August due to the upgrading of the Helsinki rail yard. Check the platform displays!
  • There are improvement works on bus stops along the route of trunk bus 550 running along Itäväylä, causing stop relocations and temporary closures of bus stops.


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