HSL to reinstate direct peak-time bus services between Espoonlahti and Kamppi

Direct bus routes between Espoonlahti and Kamppi will be reinstated during 2018. For new peak-time bus routes will be launched to reduce the overcrowding on the Metro between Matinkylä and Tapiola.

The new routes are 143A (Kamppi–Iivisniemii–Soukka), 146A (Kamppi–Espoonlahtii–Kivenlahti), 147A (Kamppi–Soukka–Laurinlahti) and 164A (Kamppi–Kivenlahtii–Saunalahti). The buses will run Monday-Friday at peak times in the morning and evening. Peak-time feeder bus services in the catchment areas of the new routes will be cut correspondingly. Overall, the level of service will improve.

The new routes will start running at the latest in late 2018.

The routes of the new services follow the pre-Metro bus routes and the current feeder bus network. Buses 143A and 147A will provide a direct transport link from Laurinlahti and Soukka to Kamppi at peak times. The buses will run every 15 minutes, with combined headways of 7.5 minutes. Bus 147A will only run in the direction of rush-hour traffic, i.e. in the direction of Kamppi in the morning and in the direction of Laurinlahti in the afternoon.

Bus 146A will run between Kamppi and Kivenlahti every ten minutes at peak times. At the same time, peak period headways will increase on feeder route 146 from five minutes to ten minutes. Routes 146 and 146A will provide combined headways of five minutes, offering the same level of service as the current feeder route 146.

Bus 164A will run between Kamppi and Saunalahti every 15 minutes at peak times. Feeder route 164 will be withdrawn. Off-peak headways on route 165 will decrease to also maintain service outside peak hours. In addition, every other service on route 124 will be diverted to Saunaniemi. Consequently, the service level of route 124 will be reduced by half in Tillinmäki.

After the changes, there will be 18 services per hour in the direction of rush-hour traffic and 14 services per hour against rush-hour traffic between Kamppi and Espoonlahti.

Changes aim to reduce the overcrowding on the Metro

The changes are made to reduce the overcrowding on the Metro, in particular between Matinkylä and Tapiola where trains are packed full particularly in the morning peak. During the four first months in 2018, season ticket sales have increased in Espoo by 8.4 per cent from the previous year.

Demand on the Metro will further increae with the switch to the new fare zone model. The whole Metro line will be in the AB fare zone, while Espoonlahti will be in zone C.

At the beginning of April, HSL and HKL tested running all Metro trains to Matinkylä on one weekday morning. The test showed that operating the services at 2.5-minute headways throughout the line is too vulnerable to disruptions. In the near future, another operating model will be tested, where three out of four trains are operated to Matinkylä.

The new bus routes will serve an area which will be served by the Metro at the earliest in late 2023 when the section of line to Kivenlahti is completed. The new routes may also continue to operate after that, if need be.

Journey times between Espoonlahti and Kamppi will shorten but at the same time, feeder services to Metro stations will decrease at peak times. Moreover, peak-time services will not be as frequent as before the opening of the Metro, as the number of services is smaller.

Other changes planned

In addition to the introduction of the direct bus routes, there will be some minor changes to bus services in South Espoo that could take effect on 18 August 2018.

Bus 157 will be rerouted to run to Tillinmäki, shortening journey times from Tillinmäki to Matinkylä by about 3-4 minutes. Bus 158 will be diverted to Kattilalaakso and Kiviruukki. Route 531B will be extended from Kuitinmäki to Latokaski to create a feeder link from Latokaski via Olari to Matinkylä. This will lengthen the journey times by about a minute but reinstate bus service between Latokaski and Olari.

A new route 104 (Haukilahti-Lauttasaari) will be launched to improve transport links between Haukilahti and Westend. At the same time, route 555 will be shortened to Keilaniemi and all services on route 115A will operate under route number 115 between Tapiola and Mankkaa.

HSL will be monitoring the effects of the changes on total journey times as well as the adequacy of service provision. In addition, we will review the level of service in areas north of Länsiväylä and ensure the effectiveness of school transport in these areas.

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