HSL’s 30-day tickets go mobile with a new app

The new HSL app combines tickets, the Journey Planner and transport news tailored to passengers’ preferences all into one app. In addition to single and day tickets, the new mobile app allows passengers to buy 30-day season tickets for adults.

The new HSL app combines mobile tickets, routes and transport news tailored to passengers’ preferences into one mobile service.

“HSL’s 30-day tickets for adults go mobile with the new HSL app,” says Mari Flink, HSL’s Director of Customer Experience and Sales.

The app also includes the HSL Journey Planner. The Journey Planner finds the fastest routes and tells which ticket you need for your journey. The app allows you to buy a ticket directly for the selected route.

In addition, the HSL app keeps users up-to-date with transport news. The app shows transport news tailored to the user’s preferences in the news stream. Passengers can see news for their favorite routes and areas in one glance.

 “We want to keep our customers up-to-date as much as possible. If a customer tells they live, for example, in Pasila and travel by tram and train, the service can tell the customer about tram diversions or changes to access routes at Pasila station,” explains Niko Tynkkynen, the person responsible for the design of the HSL app.

 “A feature allowing customers to purchase a monthly auto-renewable subscription will be added later. Customers will always have a valid ticket and they need not remember to buy a new ticket,” says Satu Rönnqvist, HSL’s Senior Mobile and Online Sales Expert.

The HSL app is available for Android and Apple iOS devices from app stores free of charge. Tickets can be paid by payment card or by mobile payment. The tickets available include single and day tickets for children and single, day and 30-day tickets for adults.



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Please add an option to link my travel card to this app. So, when I purchase a seasonal ticket to my travel card then it also becomes visible in the app and I could use the app to validate I have valid ticket when I forget to my travel card at home. And vice-versa too - when buying seasonal ticket from the app, it's linked to my account and is automatically loaded to my card as well. So we could wipe a card even though the ticket was purchased with mobile app.

Make it possible to send receipt of seasonal ticket purchase to my email. The receipt should include travel card number, ticket purchase time, validity period (from/to), total cost, purchaser (phone owner) name.

A great start, but are there any plans to add the following features:
- Wallet integration (for iOS)
- Saved/favourite locations
- Ability to set default landing page in the app (I have no interested in looking at the news etc every time I open the app)
- More customisable routing options
- Live vehicle locations
- Ability to look up lines/routes

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