New bus routes to be rolled out tomorrow in South Espoo, Lauttasaari and Kirkkonummi: Things to remember when traveling on the new routes

Public transport routes in the areas to the west of Helsinki city center are undergoing a major makeover: new bus routes will be rolled out in South Espoo and Lauttasaari tomorrow morning, Wednesday 3 January. In addition, there will be changes to bus routes in Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, Kuusisaari and Lehtisaari.

Bus services along the western section of the Metro line are replaced by feeder services to Metro Stations, just like in East Helsinki since the 1980s. The changes to the bus network are the biggest in the region since the opening of the original Metro line and they affect the public transport routes of over 200,000 people.

In Espoo, bus routes that until now went to the Kamppi terminal in Helsinki, start terminating Matinkylä or Tapiola, from where passengers will continue to Helsinki by metro. 

In addition, there will be changes to bus services within Espoo, with improved crosstown services between Metro stations and the coastal line. In addition, some of the bus routes serving Kauniainen are affected.

The key interchange in Espoo is the Matinkylä bus terminal located in the same building as the Iso Omena shopping center and Matinkylä Metro Station. In Tapiola, temporary arrangements will remain in place until the completion of the new bus terminal in early 2019.

In Lauttasaari, all buses will run to or via Lauttasaari Metro Station. Direct bus services will continue to operate to Erottaja and Ruoholahti. Bus routes will change in Lehtisaari and Kuusisaari.

Regional bus routes currently running from Kirkkonummi to Kamppi in Helsinki will terminate at Matinkylä bus terminal during the Metro operating hours.

Night buses to South Espoo will continue to operate from the Kamppi terminal outside the Metro operating hours.

HSL staff to assist passengers at stations

HSL staff will be assisting passengers at Metro Stations on 3-4 January and on 8-9 January. Staff will be available at Tapiola, Matinkylä, Niittykumpu, Lauttasaari and Kamppi 6.30am-6.30pm.

In addition, HSL’s public transport planners will be at Tapiola, Matinkylä, Niittykumpu and Lauttasaari Metro Stations on 3 January and 8 January 6.30am-6.30pm to answer passengers’ questions about the new bus routes. The information points will be located in the Metro Station ticketing halls, at Lauttasaari in the ticketing hall located in the shopping center side of the station.

Allow extra time for your journey, check your route in advance

The new bus routes will roll out tomorrow morning, 3 January. The routes are new not only to passengers but also to bus drivers. We advise you to allow some extra time for your journey, although we aim for services to run smoothly right from the start.

Check your new route in advance, e.g. using HSL’s Journey Planner ( In addition, information is available at HSL's website. An information bulletin (in Finnish, with English summary) was delivered to all households in the area affected in December.


I really agree with @cherrio here. This change to west Espoo is horrible and impacts many many people. Time travel from e.g. Soukka, Kivenlahti, Espoonlahti has increased by 100 % to main city and many other places. At least wait till metro reaches to those places before taking away all buses. Me and my family already spend 210 Euro plus on HSL (every month) and with this services we are keen on investing in car. And I am sure others are thinking on similar lines. Buying a car is one way decision and wouldnt pull me back once we see all benefits car brings.

I dont seem to see the logic. Please bring back at least direct buses to Kamppi.

This really is a disaster. Now schools are back my commute is even longer. Now it adds an extra ~22 minutes (each way). Now I arrive in work later, thus have to stay in work an extra 20 minutes, then it takes longer to get home.

I now lose an extra 1 hour a day just commuting (on top of the time I already spent commuting). One hour less with my family, with my kids, with no upside or benefit, it isn't cheaper or faster, or more convenient.

Please, please bring back the buses.

Even though there is apparently a bus leaving near my home, Journey Planner still recommends only walking 1.3 km to the Metro.

My commute took 18 minutes longer this morning, great work!

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