Passengers are satisfied with ferry services to Suomenlinna

In summer 2018, almost 90 per cent of Suomenlinna ferry passengers were satisfied with the services.

Survey respondents gave the services on overall rating of 4.15 on a scale of one to five. Passenger satisfaction with the ferry services has remained high, despite the number of passengers during the summer months increasing year after year.  

The high satisfaction rate is partly explained by that during the summer months, a large proportion of the journeys are for leisure purposes. Ferry passengers who live on the island permanently are slightly less satisfied with the services than occasional passengers. In total 80 per cent of the regular ferry passengers gave the services a rating of 4 or 5, while 90 per cent of occasional passengers gave the same rating. 

Residents of Suomenlinna were more satisfied than other passengers with the ferry staff’s ability to serve but less satisfied than other passengers with the information provided about the services as well as with waiting conditions on the pier.

HSL is working to improve access to information, for example, by developing the Journey Planner.

The main pier in Suomenlinna was renovated in 2017. Residents’ satisfaction with the waiting conditions improved following the renovation, but there is still room for improvement in accessing the ferry with prams, wheelchairs or bicycles. The residents hope a similar gate entrance would be constructed at the Market Square.

HSL measured passenger satisfaction with the ferry services last summer. Over 1,200 ferry passengers responded to the survey.

The survey data is available via an open online database at:


In the summer vacations mostly peoples go to the tour through ferry service but never I have listened that they face any trouble or face any type of issues. They handle it everything to own self and always provide the quality work and everyone are satisfied with their work. Therefore, Our writing firm is always support them and now hopefully everything will be more improve who passengers want with them.

I live by the ocean, yet the waterway I have the most inclination about is the Suomenlinna, where I used to line and skate, ride on the ship in adolescence, watch the logs or simply dream. I have constantly wanted to sit in ship and railroad stations and watch the general population, to stroll on swarmed boulevards, simply stroll along among the general population, and see their countenances, to be among individuals on-road vehicles and prepares and vessels.

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