Self-driving bus service 94R launched in Kivikko

A self-driving minibus (robot bus) is tested in Kivikko, Helsinki. The bus mingles with other traffic and complements HSL’s public transport services from mid-May.

Helsinki strives to become carbon neutral by 2035. Achieving this goal requires finding the best zero-emission solutions through various experiments. The aim of the robot bus trial is to provide customers with the most effective mobility services, highlighting carbon neutral options and easy-to-use services. The Helsinki City Innovation Fund has supported the acquisition of the first robot bus for the city of Helsinki.

Helsinki RoboBusLine is the first long-term robot bus trial in Helsinki. The bus operates on a fixed route. It is part of a larger European Union initiative, the mySMARTLife program, in which cities seek to develop smart, energy-efficient housing and mobility, making the most of the opportunities provided by new technology and service models.

The trial is set to run for three years. Weather permitting, the bus will operate from spring until November. The route may change in the next years.

The self-driving bus operating under route number 94R runs from the stop of HSL bus 94B (“Kivikontie” H4446) close to the St1 petrol station in Kivikonlaita to the Kivikko sports park at the end of Savikiekontie.

The bus is operated by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Monday to Friday 9am-3pm. There will always be a project representative on board. The bus has capacity for up to eight passengers and you can ride the bus for free. There are always uncertainties with testing and introducing new technology. As this is the first trial of a regular robot bus service, all services cannot be guaranteed to run as scheduled.

 “We need courageous people to hop on the bus and patience from other road users,” says project manager Eetu Rutanen.

The design for the bus exterior was produced by Atte Linna, a student in industrial design at Metropolia. Link to video:

To get up-to-date information about changes to service operation and timetables, follow @AutomatedbusFI

As part of the trial, route 94R may be included in route suggestions provided by the Journey Planner. The operating of the services cannot be guaranteed. Information about any alterations to services will be available only on Instagram.

Route of bus 94R in the Journey Planner:

Photo: Milla Åman / Oscar Nissin


Well, that's great, I think new driving school should also use this kind of robot bus services. You won't believe there is one company that is making AI driving school and taking reference from the android game of driving.

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