Names of eight bus stops to change in Helsinki on 31 March

The names of eight bus stops will change in Helsinki on Sunday 31 March. The stops are renamed to better reflect the surrounding areas.

The “Tukholmankatu” bus stops (H1380 and H1381) are renamed “Meilahden sairaala to match the names of the nearby tram stops. Consequently, the current “Meilahden sairaala” stops on Paciuksenkatu (H1291 and H1292) will be renamed “Seurasaarentie”.

The “Saunalahti” bus stops (H1408 and H1409) are renamed “Gerd Skytten puisto” according to the nearby park. In addition, the “” bus stops  (H4766 and H4767) will be renamed “Siilikuja” because the Herttoniemi health center has been closed.

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