New bus routes for North Espoo and Leppävaara from 12 August 2019

New bus routes will be launched in North Espoo and Leppävaara in August. A map showing all the new routes and their stops is now available.

The new bus route network for North Espoo and Leppävaara  will improve public transport service level. The network is simplified by reducing the number of different route versions and services are concentrated on shared sections of route to ensure frequent service.

New bus route 235 (Elielinaukio–Leppävaara–Jorvi–Espoon keskus) will be the most frequent service, running every ten minutes for most of the day, from early morning to late evening every day. In the future, the bus will be converted into trunk route 200.

Frequent service in public transport quality corridors

In the new route network, so called public transport quality corridors will be formed to provide high level of service. In these corridors, two or more routes will operate with combined headways of ten minutes or less. Evening and weekend service will improve in particular.

This is the first large-scale change to the bus network in North Espoo since the opening of the Leppävaara urban rail link since 2002.

Route map designed in the style of the London Underground map

HSL has published a schematic map on the new bus network. The map is based on geographical reality but, for example, the routes of the bus services haven been straightened. The most famous example of a schematic public transport map is the London Underground map.

HSL has previously used schematic maps for the trunk route network and for the tram network.

The North Espoo bus network map shows all public transport services, stops and stations (with Finnish and Swedish names) in Central and North Espoo, excluding night buses and neighborhood routes. The thickness of lines depicts service level: the thicker the line, the more frequent service on the route.

The map was designed for HSL by Elmo Allén.

Map showing the new route network:


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