Tickets and fare zones

In the first phase, Siuntio becoming a member of HSL means primarily that HSL’s tickets are accepted in Siuntio from 1 January 2018. This means that journeys from Siuntio to all of the HSL member municipalities can be made conveniently with one ticket.

Siuntio fare zone: Siuntio and Kirkkonummi

Siuntio is included in the Kirkkonummi ticket zone. Passengers traveling from Siuntio can choose from the following HSL tickets:

Internal ticket:
Internal tickets allow you to travel within Siuntio and Kirkkonummi.
Three-zone extended regional ticket:
Two-zone extended regional tickets allow you to travel anywhere in the HSL area, excluding Helsinki.
Three-zone extended regional ticket:
Three-zone extended regional ticket allow you to travel anywhere in the whole HSL area.
HSL:n lippuvyöhykkeet
In future, new fare zones will be introduced and Siuntio will be in the D zone.

Get your own Travel Card!

Travel Card is the most convenient way to travel in the HSL area. The card is valid on all modes of public transport. You can load the card with value (i.e. money) or with a season ticket of your choice. Travel Cards are available from HSL service points or HSL’s online store (in Finnish). 

Ticket prices and Travel Cards

The best option for journeys in the HSL area is the Travel Card. You can load the card with a season ticket or value. You can use value loaded on a Travel Card to buy single tickets at a lower price, while a season ticket allows unlimited travel for a given period of time within a selected travel zone. You can top up your Travel Card at any Travel Card sales or service point in the HSL area.

HSL mailed instructions on how to order a Travel Card at the end of October/beginning of November. Siuntio residents were able to order a Travel Card for free during the campaign. Normally a Travel Card costs 5 euros. You can load your card with a season ticket or value from 1 January 2018.

Single and day tickets are available from ticket machines, R-kiosks and bus drivers.

Tickets for schoolchildren

Schoolchildren entitled to free home to school transport will get Travel Cards at the beginning of January.  Municipal educational administration will order the Travel Cards from HSL and will see to their distribution to the pupils.

HSL’s services in Siuntio

Siuntio service point in the Siuntio Library, Asematie 2. Payment methods accepted: cash, debit cards, Visa Electron, Visa, MasteCard












A full-range ticket machine will be installed at the station, where passengers can top up their Travel Cards and buy single and day tickets. The machine will accept payment cards and coins. An HSL sales point will be opened at the S-market store.