HSL card, HSL app and valid season tickets from 24 April

HSL public transport tickets and travel zones will change on 27 April 2019 when the old fare zones based on municipal boundaries are replaced by new zones. Internal, regional and extended regional tickets will become a thing of the past and instead, tickets will be purchased for zones A, B, C and D.

If the expiry date of your current season ticket is after 27 April, it will be automatically converted into a new zone ticket.

Tickets will be converted as follows:

  • Helsinki internal -> AB
  • Espoo and Vantaa internal tickets -> BC
  • Regional ticket -> ABC
  • Kerava–Sipoo–Tuusula -> D
  • Kirkkonummi–Siuntio -> D
  • Extended region 2 -> BCD
  • Extended region 3 -> ABCD

The new zones will take effect on Saturday morning 27 April at 4.30am. You can buy value tickets with your HSL card and travel using your season ticket as usual. On 27 April, HSL cards cannot be topped up with season tickets or value because of a software update at sales and service points.

On Sunday 28 April, HSL cards can be topped up at kiosks and other sales points as well as at ticket machines.

Changes to the validity area of season tickets loaded on HSL card or on the HSL app possible from 29 April

If the new zone season ticket does not suit your travel needs, you can change the validity area of your ticket at a service point from 29 April without the 6 euro processing fee.

On Saturday 27 April, updates of customer groups etc. cannot be made because of the software update at service points. As service points will be closed. on Sunday 28 April, HSL cards can be updated from Monday 29 April.

You can change a season ticket loaded on your HSL card at HSL or municipal service points. If your new season ticket is cheaper than the old one, the prize difference will be loaded as value onto your HSL card at the service point. You can use the value to pay for single fares or for a season ticket. 

Season tickets on the HSL app will also be converted in the way shown above. You will not be able to buy zone extension tickets to season tickets purchased before the change.

If you want to change the validity area of a season ticket on the HSL app, you must visit one the of the HSL service points (Central Railway Station, Itäkeskus and Pasila). The old season ticket will be cancelled, the full price of the ticket will be returned to your payment card and you will be charged the price of the days you have used. You can then buy a new season ticket using the HSL app.

You must replace your green Travel Card with a new blue HSL card or switch to the HSL app before 27 April. The green cards cannot be used for travel under the new zone system. You can replace your card free of charge until the changeover to the new system. After that, a processing fee of 6 euros will be charged.

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