New bus route network for Kirkkonummi as of 11 August 2014

Bus routes, bus route numbers and timetables will change in Kirkkonummi on 11 August when HSL assumes responsibility for bus services in the municipality. In future, HSL plans and tenders the routes and procures the services. Bus operators plan the timetables on the basis of service level guidelines determined by HSL. The Executive Board of HSL approved the route network plan for Kirkkonummi in 2011.

HSL’s goal has been to simplify the bus route network in Kirkkonummi so that it is easy for passengers to understand. The number of different route versions will decrease from over one hundred to about twenty. The level of service will improve in particular in the sparsely populated areas where bus services will in the future operate on all weekdays.

The main route to Helsinki runs via Ravals, Gesterby, Masala and Sarvvik.  In peak times services run also directly along Länsiväylä. In peak times buses run on both routes every 15 minutes. At other times, services operate only on the main route. Monday to Friday, buses run every 30 minutes in the daytime, in the evenings and on weekends every 60 minutes. The last services from Helsinki are Mon-Thu at 1.45am, on Friday and Saturday at 2.45am and on Sunday at 0.45am. On busy nights such as New Year’s Eve and May Day night buses will operate extended service.

Transport links between Espoo and Kirkkonummi improve when Espoo internal route 87 is extended from Kolmiranta to Veikkola under route number 243. In addition a new route 911 starts to run between Kauklahti, Masala and Kirkkonummi. At first, the bus runs every 60 minutes.  

When the Luoma halt is closed, the bus will start to run also on weekends.

Buses serving commuters and schoolchildren run to Hirsala, Porkkala and Hila every 60 minutes. Commuter services run also in the summer.

There is a bus service between Kirkkonummi and Veikkola running every 30 minutes during commuting hours. The bus runs also in the summer.

Kirkkonummi bus routes as of 11 August 2014

171 Helsinki - Masala - Kirkkonummi
172 Helsinki - Masala - Kirkkonummi - Kantvik
173 Helsinki - Masala - Kirkkonummi - Kantvik - Upinniemi
172Z Helsinki - Pikkala factory
173Z Helsinki - Upinniemi
174Z Helsinki - Gesterby

901 Luoma - Masala - Hirsala
902 Pikkala factory - Kirkkonummi - Porkkala
903/K Kirkkonummi - Hila
906 Luoma - Masala - Kauhala
907 Kirkkonummi - Lapinkylä - Veikkola
908 Kirkkonummi - Evitskog - Veikkola - Kaislampi
909 Kauhala - Evitskog - Veikkola
911 Kauklahti - Kirkkonummi
918 Hirsala - Kirkkonummi - Vols (operated with a minbibus during daytime on Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
19 Kirkkonummi - Veikkola - Vols (operated with a minbibus during daytime on Tuesday and Thursday)

Kirkkonummi route map

Route 918

Route 919

Bus departure bays at Kirkkonummi station

The new timetables will be available in the Journey Planner in mid-July. At the beginning of August, HSL will distribute a timetable brochure (in Finnish and Swedish) to all households in Kirkkonummi. The brochure includes a route map.