New bus route network in North East Helsinki 2017

NB! The new bus route network was launched in North East Helsinki in August 2017, and this page is no longer updated.

A new bus network will be rolled out in North East Helsinki in August after years of work. Many buses are rerouted and some route numbers change. The reform ensures bus services are provided where they are most needed.

The aim is to provide frequent bus services to train stations as well as to the city center – without forgetting local travel needs in the area. In addition, the idea is that people would increasingly be able to travel without needing to check timetables.

Headways are kept as regular as possible. Moreover, on sections of route served by two or more bus services, we can provide service with short headways.

Route 72 is renumbered 61 and route 68 is renumbered 78 to create a logical system: route numbers of buses operating along Mäkelänkatu begin with 6, those of buses operating along Hämeentie begin with 7.

PDF icon  Info leaflet of the new bus routes in North East Helsinki (in Finnish, PDF)

PDF icon  Timetables for bus routes in North East Helsinki from 14 August 2017 (PDF)

Bussi 75 siirtyy kulkemaan Lahdenväylää pitkin Jakomäkeen

Residents involved in the planning

The preparation of the route network plan for North East Helsinki began in autumn 2014. Residents have participated in the planning from the outset. During the course of the work, information about the progress of planning was provided on a blog opened for the plan. In addition, we presented draft plans and gathered feedback about them at residents’ meetings.

The plan was revised based on the feedback and we received substantially less feedback about the following draft.

The Executive Board of HSL approved the route network plan for North East Helsinki on 26 May 2016, after which the services were tendered.

Neighborhood routes complement the network

In North East Helsinki, there are also so-called neighborhood routes designed to complement other bus services and provide easy access to key local services for those who most need them. There are also changes to the neighborhood routes on 14 August as neighborhood routes are rerouted to streets no longer served by other public transport routes.

Why do we introduce a new bus network for North East Helsinki?

  • The previous major change to the route network took place in 1996 when the city rail link between Helsinki and Tikkurila was opened.
  • The area’s population has increased and continues to do so, with new residents moving, for example, to Viikinmäki and Alppila.
  • Train services on the main line are more frequent following the opening of the Ring Rail Line in summer 2015.
  • Trunk route 560 launched in 2015 has improved crosstown services.
  • Passenger numbers on some routes are low, while they have increased on others.