Changes to routes and stops in Pasila

For the next few years, Pasila is a hive of construction activity. The new center of Pasila, Tripla, will be developed around the refurbished railway station. The construction works affect pedestrian and bicycle routes, as well as public transport at and around the station.   

Old Pasila station is closed, changes to bus and tram stops

The old Pasila train station was closed for good on Monday 19 June 2017. At the same time, the bus stops located on Pasilansilta in front of the old station were closed. The arrangements will be in place until autumn 2019, when the new Pasila station and Tripla shopping center will be completed. A temporary train station was opened in Pasila already in April.

There are major changes to access routes for passengers changing between trains and buses. The stops for buses 50, 58(B), 59, 518 and 551 have been moved from Pasilansilta to Asemapäällikönkatu. The new stops are located by the intersection of Asemapäällikönkatu and Junailijankuja.

Pasilan aseman ympäristön bussi- ja raitiovaunupysäkit 19.6.2017 alkaen

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Temporary Pasila station to be opened on 3 April, changes to access routes

The temporary Pasila station will be opened on Monday 3 April. There will be changes to the station access points. At the same time, the escalators from the old station to platform 1, 2, 8 and 9 will be closed. Consequently, passengers using A, I, K, L, N, P and T trains must walk through the temporary station from 3 April.

The temporary station will serve passengers until autumn 2019 when the new Pasila station and Tripla shopping center are scheduled to be completed. The temporary station is located north of the current station and consist of a station building located between the railway tracks and Ratapihantie and a bridge over Ratapihantie and the tracks.

Access to the platforms is by stairs or lift. In addition, there are accessible routes for e.g. wheelchair users from the station to Opastinsilta, Ratapihantie and Veturitori.

In summer 2017, the old station will be closed and all passengers will use the temporary station. At the same time, there will be changes to bus and tram stops. There are no changes to bus and tram stops in the spring, but bus 506 to Meilahti will start stopping on Ratapihantie by Pasila station from 3 April.

The northern underpass remains open during the construction of the new station.

Kulkureitit ja pysäkit Pasilan asemalla 3.4.2017 alkaen

The western entrance to the underpass at the northern end of the Pasila station is closed from 19 September 2016

The western entrance to the underpass at the northern end of th Pasila station is closed from Monday 19 September until at least 30 May 2017. The changed access routes are signposted and at the beginning, there is staff pointing people to the right direction. 

The entrance is closed due to the construction of an extra track at the station.