New era for public transport: Ring Rail Line and reorganization of bus routes in Vantaa

Coming in summer 2015!

One of the most significant public transport projects in the Helsinki region will be completed in July 2015 when the Ring Rail Line is opened to passenger traffic. The new line provides a rail link between Helsinki city center, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and the rest of the country.

The Ring Rail Line will be an important public transport link for the entire metropolitan area. According to estimates, about 200,000 Vantaa residents and 200,000 commuters from elsewhere will be traveling on the Ring Rail Line per day. The new rail line connects the Vantaankoski line and the main line. It also creates a new transversal rail link between East and West Vantaa.

Trains run about every 10 minutes at peak times almost round the clock. All trains are modern and low-floor, providing easy access with luggage, prams or a wheelchair.

New Vantaa bus network and Ring Rail Line form an integrated whole

The Ring Rail Line and Vantaa bus network form an integrated whole.  The bus routes are synchronized with the Ring Rail Line. The number of bus routes decreases but headways are reduced and the buses operate for longer hours. There are fewer route alternatives which makes it easier to learn the routes. The route network redesign also means that all bus routes are renumbered. Some of the familiar route numbers remain in use but the routes of the services change.

Trunk route 560 is a new transversal trunk bus route. The bus runs from Rastila via Vuosaari, Malmi station, Paloheinä and Kuninkaantammi to Myyrmäki. Passengers can transfer between the Ring Rail Line and route 560 at Malmi station.

The new Vantaa bus network and route 560 start running on 10 August 2015 when HSL’s transport services switch to autumn timetables.

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