Ring Rail Line

Ring Rail Line was opened for passenger traffic on 1 July 2015. 

The rail line links the Vantaankoski line and main line, providign a new crosstown rail link in Vantaa. The line also provides a new transport link from Helsinki city center to Helsinki Airport and the rest of the country. The rail line is one of the most significant public transport projects in the region's history.

I and P trains serve all stations along the line. I trains run counter clockwise (Helsinki-Tikkurila-Airport-Myyrmäki-Helsinki) and P trains clockwise (Helsinki-Myyrmäki-Airport-Tikkurila-Helsinki). The trains run every ten minutes Monday to Friday and Saturdays. The journey from the airport to the Central Railway Station via Tikkurila takes 27 minutes, via Myyrmäki 32 minutes. All trains are modern, low-floor trains providing easy access for passenger with luggage, prams or wheelchairs. 


 kartta Kehäradan asemista

See how the stations look like and where they are located (Map created by Esri)


Journey times from Helsinki


I train: Pasila 4 min, Käpylä 7 min, Oulunkylä 9 min, Pukinmäki 11 min, Malmi 13 min, Tapanila 15 min, Puistola 17 min, Tikkurila 20 min, Hiekkaharju 21 min, Leinelä 24 min, Airport 27 min, Aviapolis 30 min, Kivistö 35 min, Vehkala 37 min, Vantaankoski 38 min, Martinlaakso 40 min, Louhela 41 min, Myyrmäki 43 min, Malminkartano 45 min, Kannelmäki 47 min, Pohjois-Haaga 48 min, Huopalahti 50 min, Ilmala 53 min, Pasila 55 min, Helsinki 60 min.

P train: Pasila 5 min, Ilmala 6 min, Huopalahti 9 min, Pohjois-Haaga 11 min, Kannelmäki 13 min, Malminkartano 15 min, Myyrmäki 16 min, Louhela 18 min, Martinlaakso 19 min, Vantaankoski 21 min, Vehkala 23 min, Kivistö 25 min, Aviapolis 30 min, Airport 32 min, Leinelä 35 min, Hiekkaharju 38 min, Tikkurila 40 min, Puistola 42 min, Tapanila 44 min, Malmi 46 min, Pukinmäki 48 min, Oulunkylä 50 min, Käpylä 52 min, Pasila 55 min, Helsinki 60 min.

Operating hours

Every 10 minutes
Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

Every 15 minutes
Monday-Friday 7pm-10pm, Saturday 7am-9am and 7pm-10pm, Sunday 10am-10pm

Every 20 minutes
Monday-Friday 4am-6am and 10pm-midnigth, Saturday 5am-7am and 10pm-midnigt, Sunday 5am-10am and 10pm-midnight


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