Haaga Route Network Plan

HSL is developing the bus network in the Haaga area

HSL has started the development of the Haaga route network plan. The plan covers Haaga, Lassila, Kannelmäki, Maununneva, Hakuninmaa and Kuninkaantammi. The plan focuses in particular on the routes, supply and operating hours of buses 40, 41, 42 and 43.

Follow the progress of the planning in the blog about the Haaga route network plan (in Finnish).

Our objective is to simplify the route network, making it easier for passengers to use, and to improve feeder services. We are, for example, exploring the possibility of launching a frequently running bus service, with extensive operating hours, between the planning area and Helsinki city center. The planned changes should not affect costs. In order to improve certain transport links, other services with lower ridership may correspondingly be affected; for example, direct journeys on some route may in the future require transfers. 

The route network plan for Haaga is a follow-up to the Helsinki Crosstown Route Network Development Plan approved in April 2019. Any changes to the route network will be implemented at the earliest in 2021 and they are tied to the changes to the crosstown bus network.

You can follow the progress of the planning in the blog about the Haaga route network plan (in Finnish). The blog also allows you to contact HSL’s public transport planners. There will also be other ways to participate in the planning, and information about these will be provided later on the blog and on other HSL information channels. You can also give your feedback via HSL’s feedback system and customer service. 

The planning is carried out in cooperation with the City of Helsinki. The route network plan is due to be completed by the end of 2019.